HOCL Surface Disinfectant

Ultrapure® Surface disinfectant

Ultrapure® Surface Disinfectant is your unique all-in-one sanitation product that has been formulated with the purest form of HOCl to meet all your sanitation and disinfection needs and is highly effective against bacteria, fungus and viruses.

One always wants the peace of mind when it comes to the products they use to disinfect their environment. Ultrapure® Surface Disinfectant gives you exactly that — an extremely safe non-toxic solution that can be applied via spraying and/or fogging with no risk posed to people or the environment and no required waiting time once product has been used.

Key properties of Neopure 400:
– Antibacterial
– Anti-fungal
– Antiviral
– Non-toxic
– Non-flammable
– Alcohol-free
– Non-Corrosive and residue free
– Safe in occupied spaces

A propriety blend of Ultrapure® stabilised HOCl (Hypochlorous acid at 400ppm)
500 ml
 24 Month shelf life