HOCL Nasal Spray

Ultrapure® nasal spray

Ultrapure® Nasal spray is your all in one nasal spray solution Intended for use in irrigating and alleviating symptoms commonly associated with bacterial, fungal and viral nasal conditions.

Ultrapure® Nasal Spray is Suitable For the alleviation of:
– Bacterial/fungal/ viral Sinusitis
– Nasal vestibulitis
– Bacterial, fungal and viral conditions of the nasal cavity
– Irrigating nasal canals
– Allergies

If you require more information in terms of literature, case studies and test results on Ultrapure® Nasal Spray:
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A propriety blend of Ultrapure® stabilised HOCl (Hypochlorous acid at 40 – 80ppm)
30 ml

24 Month shelf life