Hand + Mask HOCL Sanitiser

Ultrapure® hand + mask sanitiser 500ml

Ultrapure® Hand + Mask Sanitiser is your unique all-in-one alcohol free sanitiser product that has been formulated to meet all your sanitising needs. Ultrapure® Hand + Mask Sanitiser has been formulated with the purest form of HOCl to meet all your sanitation and disinfection needs and is highly effective against bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Ultrapure® Hand + Mask Sanitiser is suitable for:
– Sanitising Hands
– Sanitising Masks
– Sanitising surfaces minor surfaces that may be of concern (door knobs, keypads, cellphones, etc)

– Antibacterial
– Anti-fungal
– Antiviral
– Alcohol free
– No side effects

A propriety blend of Ultrapure® stabilised HOCl (Hypochlorous acid at 200 ppm)
500 ml

24 Month shelf life