The Gold Standard of HOCL

We at Ultrapure HOCL® (Pty) Ltd
pride ourselves in producing one of the purest
and most stable forms of hypochlorous acid in the world.

Who is Ultrapure® HOCL?

We are a biotechnology company situated in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa and have dedicated many years of research and development in order to create and harness the potential of Hypochlorous Acid. We cater to numerous industries both locally, and internationally in the medical, veterinary, cosmetic and many other industries. We invite you to browse through our website and peruse the various natural and highly effective solutions to many problems faced in these various industries. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a fast-acting, effective biocide which represents a monumental step forward in the medical, veterinary, cosmetic and sanitation industries. Feel free to purchase our pure Hypochlorous Acid based products at UltraPure HOCL, one of the leading pure HOCL Suppliers in South Africa & in various territories globally.

Why ultrapure®?

Ultrapure has dedicated many years of research and development in order to develop our own proprietary method that results in one of the purest and most stable forms of Hypochlorous acid that is free from contaminants. This is unlike many other HOCl/Anolyte/Catholyte based products, on the market, which unfortunately contains hypochlorite (bleach molecules), salt and chloride by-products within their solutions.

An ideal Hypochlorous Acid HOCL wound care agent has powerful microbicidal, antibiofilm, and wound healing properties. As a result of the many years of hard work, we pride ourselves in providing the market with hypochlorous acid based products of the utmost quality and purity. UltraPure is the leading Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) Supplier in South Africa. We produce the purest & most stable form of HOCL in the world.

UltraPure - A Leading HOCL Supplier & Wound Care Solution

we embrace our responsibility to contribute to a greener world where each of us,
our customers, no matter how big or small, and our planet can flourish,
by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technologies.

our products

Wound Care

Ultrapure® Noxmaria wound care

Noxmaria® is our revolutionary wound care product that has been formulated with the purest form of HOCl in order to ensure that every patient receives the best possible wound care solution

Nasal Spray

Ultrapure® nasal spray

Ultrapure® Nasal spray is your all in one nasal spray solution Intended for use in irrigating and alleviating symptoms commonly associated with bacterial, fungal and viral nasal conditions.

Nappy Rash

ULtrapure® nappy rash

Our Ultrapure® Nappy Rash is the gold standard when it comes to dealing with nappy rashes. Nappy rashes are a reoccurring issue for plenty of babies, children and elderly persons with sensitive skin types.

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Pure Hypochlorous acid
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